subject matter

A fictional 3D printer manufacturer, GEO/METRIC specializes in highly detailed sculpts that appeal to concept designers, model painters, and gaming enthusiasts.


The aim of this project was to design a logo with a modern appearance that embodies the innovation of 3D printing with a unique flair to appeal to creative individuals.


The meaning of words can deeply impact how a product is perceived. GEO/METRIC alludes to technology, precision, and organic matter.

geo = “earth, land” + metric = “measurement”




Taking inspiration from the design brief, particular attention was paid to combining technological imagery with a human element.

contrast / symbolism

Some options included integrating sharp geometry with traditional handwriting or synthesizing organic forms with a modern typeface.  Consideration was also given to the shape of various machine parts for their potential as powerful iconography.


Century Gothic Pro complements a geometric style, and replacing a letter helps complete the theme of circular forms implied in the logo. Furthermore, the round shapes function as a symbol of its content (i.e. geo, meaning “earth”).


A monochrome scheme contributes to a clean and reliable aesthetic, and the subtle influence of a cooler temperature hue evokes the idea of technology.







The final logo alludes to the shape of a 3D printer, though it has an organic feature; It captures the precision of complex machinery, yet retains a human quality. Additionally, the combination of rounded and angular lines produces a pleasing contrast.