thankful, always & forever

subject matter

Thankful, Always & Forever, also known as Thankful AF or TAF, is an independent jeweler that handcrafts earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.


The client desired a logo that embodies the fun, personalized nature of her jewelry. It is intended to be unique and approachable, standing out from the typically formal aesthetic of other jewelry brands.




Avoiding the traditionalism often associated with jewelry brands, a more whimsical approach was taken, searching for an inventive way to merge letterform and iconography.

logo typeface

The rounded edges and subtle calligraphic style of Greycliff CF give it a friendly personality, and setting it in bold makes it casual and improves legibility.

accent typeface

The textured and thin flowing lines of the Adobe Handwriting font contrast nicely with the bold, geometric shapes of the logo and build on the theme of personal craftsmanship.


The warm, vibrant colors add to the lighthearted aesthetic and help to suggest the idea of jewelry.






The final logo is a playful combination of letterform and abstraction. Paired with bright colors, it communicates a fun-loving attitude.